Design Services

My Focus

The aim of my firm is to provide a personal response to my clients’ design and living needs. I have a small firm, and I can provide an open and communicative atmosphere in which to listen to my clients ideas and develop their designs.

I focus on a client relationship where I provide my work in an efficient manner and have an open and responsive design process. The end result of all our efforts, both client and architect, is to share the enjoyment of producing quality architecture. I meet with clients to understand their needs, and to develop a design program that establishes the scope of work and a preliminary cost estimate. At the client’s request, I write up an agreement for architectural services that becomes a contract.

My Process

Design Development

The first step is to understand all the influences of the site; topography, sun exposure, building location, primary views, and site access. Then, through a series of preliminary drawings, I develop the site plan, floor plan, and elevations. During this stage, the direction of interior and exterior materials is decided, and the integration of energy conservation and sustainable materials is incorporated into the design.

Construction Documents

These are the drawings and written specifications necessary to obtain building permits, proceed with construction bidding, and for construction of the project.

Permits, Construction Bidding, and Contractors

Each client and each project requires different levels of my involvement with helping clients continue their project. Once permits are obtained, I work with each client to determine what level of assistance they need from me.

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